#ArtistToWatch: Musical Prodigies Chloe X Halle Revolutionize New School R&B on Debut Album ‘The Kids Are Alright’

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Watch out world they’re grown now.

Contemporary R&B is such a slept on genre right now and only a handful of popular artists are doing it justice, but this sister duo came out with a project that blew everyone out the water.

Chloe x Halle is a group I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. Ever since they were introduced to the world as Beyoncé’s youngest prodigies, I knew they had something special to offer. Let’s stress the fact that these girls are only teenagers making better music than your average artist today and they’re just getting started.

Chloe and Halle Bailey, more formally known as Chloe x Halle are an Atlanta-based powerhouse duo that went from YouTube fame to the big leagues when Beyonce came across one of their video covers. After that the superstar signed the duo to a million dollar deal with her label, Parkwood Entertainment, and it only went up from there. These sisters have had a passion for singing since they were kids and turned their exploration of their musical talents into a dream.

Even without major co-signs, these two have always had a go-getter mentality that drove them to follow their dreams. The both of them are extremely talented, learning how to play their respective instruments from YouTube and produce their own music. Aside from balancing music, they also appear on the hit spin-off series “Grown-ish” alongside teen sensation Yara Shahidi. Their show characters aren’t an exact representation of them in real life, but the show definitely shows another side of the sisters. Joining the cast of the popular series was a smart move on their part, not to mention providing the theme song off their album. It was the perfect segue into introducing the rest of the world to the Chloe x Halle musical duo.

In my opinion, their album was a masterpiece crafted perfectly from the track list down to the lyrics and production. Nowadays it’s hard to get through full length albums, one without skipping through songs and two not getting bored halfway through. Each track on the album is unique and different from the last which is very important when you’re making lengthy projects. As far as creating an album people can loop over and over again and find something new they like about it each time, I’d say mission accomplished for these sisters.

The album was a mind-blowing musical experience that took you on a journey through feelings of nostalgia, love, coming-of-age, and independence. You can hear their musical influences all throughout the album and Beyoncé definitely played a heavy role in it. Beyond having her stamp of approval, for a debut album these sisters don’t sound like beginners. The control, harmonization, and depth that these girls showcase on the album reflects how seasoned they are. Every component they needed to create a monumental debut album was there – creativity, relatability, passion, and meaning.

While the whole album was enjoyable to listen to, my handful of favorite tracks are “Cool People,” “Grown,” “Happy Without Me” featuring Joey Bada$$, “Fake” featuring Kari Faux, and “Hi Lo” featuring GoldLink. The few features that the album did have worked out perfectly for each assisted song.

I think these two have the talent and star power to go the distance in this industry. While I had doubts that they could ever rise to the occasion and put out music people would gravitate towards, I’m glad to see that they proved me wrong. Keep an eye out for this dynamic duo because I know this is only the beginning for them.

Aside from watching them on Grown-ish,” make sure you check out their debut album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ below.

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