Artist to Watch: Lehla Samia

By Miss Ikonic
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This generation, unlike its predecessor, thrives on moments, the artist of the moment, the producer of the moment, the record label of the moment but who’s trying to be legendary? Who’s trying to create music that can be listened to in and out of this time period? Who’s creating music for longevity instead of Insta-fame adulations and quick dollars?

Lehla Samia fittingly rests in the category of ‘timeless,’ with her filter-less, raw and immaculate vocals amid her keen ear for good music, she’s the perfect amalgamation of nostalgia and modern influences. With over 90k followers on Instagram and thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel, she utilizes social media for its optimal reach, but she also makes real music.

Revered for her covers of records like Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down,” Ciara’s “And I” and Lil Baby’s “Close Friends,” garnering hundreds of thousands of views on her Social Media’s and YouTube collectively. However, more than a cover artist alone, she creates classic original records as well with previous successful releases like “Dear MCM” and most recently “Trust Me.”

Each one of these original efforts are not only faultlessly executed but also mixed and mastered properly. She has an explosive range, which could be a hassle for the wrong engineer to contain. This level of detail speaks to her true passion for cultivating good music, strong music, ageless music.

Lehla can really sing and lyrically, she’s potent as well.

In “Trust Me” she croons, “How can’t you see that I’m the girl that you need / I know you been through some things it’s hard to trust these women / But I’ll be the one, the girl to grant your wishes / I promise to you, I’ll be your peace.”

Instead of bellowing out lyrics about how she doesn’t need a man, she pays homage to her beau and scripts her deserved trust into a record.

Take a listen above.

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