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Devvon Terrell, the New York bred and California based singer, songwriter, video-director, entrepreneur, marketing guru and all-around creative cultivates music that’s soused in relatable experiences, lovers’ quarrels, political statements and dope self-produced production. Subsisting in a generation enamored by overnight viral sensations, substance-lacking records and auto-tune dependencies, it’s a rare occasion when an artist of Terrell’s aptitude emerges and sticks around to ride the tumultuous tide of the music industry.

His career truly kicked off due to his YouTube presence and successful release of covers and mash-ups like Drake’s “Fake Love” and “Controlla” while garnering millions of views and streams in the process. His debut featureless album Weird Nights, released in 2017, was laced with 13 full tracks and provided him with a brawny intro. Each record takes you on a written journey of love, discovery, leveling-up, confidence and growth amid versatile production. This album proved that he’s more than a YouTube and social media phenomena but indeed a true musician. His later single releases like “You Different,” “Switching Sides,” “N.F.L (No Fake Love)” and “What Is This,” to name a few, are all noteworthy additions to his multifaceted catalog.


By now, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, what kind of music does he make?” Terrell doesn’t fit neatly into one genre box of just RnB, or just Hip-Hop or just Lo-fi or just Alternative music; he’s truly a chameleon when it comes to his sound and he’s not afraid to experiment. He’s not only deliberate in his musical creation process but he’s also stunningly creative in his visual releases as well, each self-directed visual release further amplifies the narrative present in his lyrics. Visuals like “Locked in the Bathroom,” and “N.F.L” all bask in his indubitable talent and flair for expression. His recent full body project, The Rawe Sound, Vol. 1 allows listeners to explore his new love for Lo-fi vibes and will be noted as another laudable contribution to his growing archive. He also releases a new record every Friday, remaining consistent without ever compromising quality.

Simply put, he’s a well-oiled machine that produces a distinct, polished sound and his music provides a unique listening experience. Indulge in his sonic efforts and catch a vibe.

Check out his most recent release The Rawe Sound Vol. 1, Side B below. It continues narratives present in the first installment and gifts listeners new records to add to their playlist.


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