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By Miss Ikonic
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Is it possible to be a jack of many and a master of all? Ashilee Roberts, better known as Ashilee Ashilee, proves that it is indeed possible. The Detroit native and Atlanta based music producer, award winning film score composer, instrumentalist, engineer, songwriter and artist just released her debut featureless project September Perspective – an irrefutable timeless effort.

She’s noted on the music production, instrumentalist and recording front having worked with the likes of Mulatto, YFN Lucci amid television show credits for “Euphoria” and films like “Baggage” and “Slangin Birds,” just to name a few of her accolades. Birthed from a musical background amidst being a first chair violist for six years in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony during her adolescence, she’s not only seasoned but exceptional thus we all knew her debut release as an artist would be nothing shy of incredible.

Photo by: Briana Ussery

September Perspective oozes with that “Who the hell is Roberts,” appeal. She didn’t only produce the entire album, but she also recorded, wrote, mixed and mastered it herself as well – that’s pretty amazing.

Each record listens with a different flavor from the multifaceted gem. Opening records like “Pullup” and “Same Energy” revel in her knack for swelling, pulsating production while explosive tunes like “Crying Wolf” bask in her innate penchant for melody and vocal exploration.

Fan favorites like “Godly” and “Don’t Bother,” marry her poetic lyricism with her captivating executions. She’s honest in this project and each record marks as a reflective sonic-scripted narrative of music industry realities, her personal battles, growth and more. As the album proceeds records like “Burdens,” “No Fault” and “Whatcha Know” keep the energy alive and welcome some pop undertones. While the closing tune “Reckless,” doused in dark piano production with an almost cinematic like delivery proves to be a stunning conclusion to a lofty ensemble.

Ashilee Ashilee carves out yet another path for female musicians to strut down proudly as multidimensional influencers.

Be sure to stream or purchase this project, it’s one of the most notable and pleasantly diverse works of 2019.

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