#ArtistOfTheWeek: The Young and Talented Kiyanne

By Kaylah Bryan

Instagram: @burly.b

Kiyanne is a lyrical beast hailing from Queens, New York. She started rapping at the age of 15 years old and has been working on her craft since. Kiyanne went viral after releasing her music video “Couple B*tches”. Her flow is hardcore with no remorse for whoever or whatever she spits about.

Although Kiyanne is best known for her rapping skills, she is a multifaceted artist who also has talents in singing and acting. Since 2012 she has been a  social media sensation. She has done skits on Instagram with some social media comedians you know like @downgoes.fraser, @mrcommodore, @splack, @_cornell__ and more. She is naturally goofy and will have you weak with laughter. Sometimes she goes by the name “Thotty D”, her more explicit side.


She is currently dating Jaquae, another Love and Hip Hop New York star. The two were seen sitting very close to each other on the set of the Love and Hip Hop New York reunion that just aired tonight.

Due to Kiyanne keeping her private life private, many of you may not know, but she has a son whom she gave birth to in 2016. She specifically mentions her child in her remix of Casanova’s song “Don’t Run” in the last verse “I just had a kid to hide the blicky in the baby bag”. Her latest music video, “Renegade” dropped a week ago. Kiyanne gave me chills with this song, I even teared up. She raps about her mother not being there to support and raise her as a little girl. Usually people lack father figures in their lives, but Kiyanne expresses how she lacked a mother figure in her life leading her to rely on her aunts and grandmother. Kiyanne says she doesn’t want to be like her mother, maybe this will create an amazing mother out of her.

"If you gota issue meet me in the field wit it" Director: @shatektheproducer

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Kiyanne is a 24 year old pisces and she is currently celebrating her 25th birthday the entire month of March with a tour through states near you. Who knows, she just might rap at these showings so make sure to be there to see her live in action. Check out more of her music on YouTube where you can mainly find on “BEATSONFILM”.

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