Ariana Grande’s Dress Isn’t the Issue: A Discussion on Harassment


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Ariana Grande with Bishop Charles, at the moment of the incident.


Bishop Charles H. Ellis III touched singer and performer Ariana Grande in a disrespectful way, at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday, August 31. Many Twitter users took upon the platform to share their thoughts on the issue, many siding with Ariana, while others leaning more towards Bishop Charles H. Ellis III’s side.


Let’s take a look at both of these arguments. Oh wait, only one of them is. Bishop Charles most definitely groped Ariana Grande on Friday night, and that is the fact. The images speak for themselves. On the other hand, you believing her dress was too short for the occasion is your own opinion–and the problem with this issue of harassment.

Ariana Grande at the tribute.


Rather than asking ourselves how to keep such things from happening and to blame those to be blamed, we often blame the victim (more female than not) based on the clothes she was wearing that day. “You got sexually abused? Shouldn’t have worn that short skirt!” This behavior is completely unacceptable, as it reinforced the patriarchy that we’ve tried so hard to get rid of. It also reinforces the glass ceilings presented to women and other groups, such as the LGBTQ community.


Bishop Charles has apologized since, and whether or not I accept his apology is another topic within itself. However, I am tired of people siding with the offender all the time, simply based on the victim’s appearance. Inform yourself, learn more on what harassment and sexual abuse is, because after all, learning is what makes us more aware.

Watch Bishop Charles apology:


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