Aliya Janell Bid 2017 Farewell With New Choreography to ‘Juicy Booty’ by Chris Brown featuring Jhene Aiko & R. Kelly

By Kaylah Bryan

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Aliya Janell closed 2017 by releasing new choreography to “Juicy Booty” by Chris Brown featuring Jhene Aiko & R Kelly. Aliya Janell has had a strong year as she was recognized by numerous people including stars like Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. Her recognition all began with her choreography, released during August 2017, to “Itty Bitty Piggy” by Nicki Minaj, and since then she has released plenty more. Her last dance with her group, Queens N’ Lettos, was released January 02, 2018 and bomb as usual. Janell wears a black one piece with a red tied up FILA shirt and black lace up mesh heels.

It looks like some core strength and flexibility is needed to accomplish this choreography because Aliya and her girls @candice and @joiechavis briefly lift themselves up in a semi-handstand into a split.

My favorite dance move is one minute into the video where the three of them simultaneously lift up their leg and slide horizontally onto the floor. They all make it look so easy, but I tried after watching the video and it’s not.

The ladies kill it starting and finishing the entire dance off strong. Janell twerks for her last dance move. On her Instagram, she said she “Had to embrace the ‘lil big booty’ I had dancing with these two.”

This video signifies the end of Aliya Janell’s journey of dancing in heels during 2017, and I know she will only continue to provide the world with more of her awesome dancing talents in 2018. This dancing star is so talented and unique that only more success will head her way. Hopefully she expands her brand by hosting more classes nationwide, because I definitely want to attend.

Make sure to check out her last video of 2017 on her YouTube channel, AliyaJanell, and keep track of when she drops her videos by following her Instagram @thealiyajanell.

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