Actor Terry Crews Speaks Out on Sexual Assault Allegations

By Nicole Zabasajja

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Actor Terry Crews recently opened up about being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive, in response to the news about sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Crews bravely took to Twitter tell his story, explaining that it occurred a year ago at a Hollywood event. He doesn’t state which executive is responsible for the behavior, just that they, “groped [my] privates,” and, “grinned like a jerk.” However, he does go into detail about why he never retaliated or pressed charges. Crews tweeted about wanting to protect his job as well as his reputation.

He recalls his thought process to his Twitter followers:

Crews ended his Twitter message with some thoughtful words.

The fact that he is a male speaking out on such a prevalent issue is admirable. Not only that, but he stood up for many women who do not obtain justice against sexual predators, and showed support for those who are told to silence themselves about it.

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