Founder’s Story

Dymond’s Story

Do you wanna, do you wanna be?DSC_0064

DSC_0921Clouds of words and statements of what I want to be jumbled in the brain of a 12 year-old. Being happy was always my main goal but I’m not happy until my family is.

My mom instilled in me at a young age to chase my dreams ambitiously. Being raised by a teen mom, working her way through school to provide for me and now to pay for my college education, motivates me to keep pushing. Seeing my grandparents still working motivates me to keep striving. My siblings looking up to me, hoping I win motivates me to put on for them.

Music was my love from the day I was born, with my father playing Reasonable Doubt in the back of his Ford Expedition. My love for music furthered as my step-father bought turntables in our house and I thought I would be the youngest female DJ around (chuckles).

Dreams of building my own website began in middle school. Around the seventh grade, my English teach challenged us with career related questions. The simple one for me was, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” and “How do you plan to get there?” She asked us to write down our interests, mine ranging from music to sports. I knew I wanted to create a site that served multiple purposes to the community and society.

Seven years later, those dreams came true and my voice is being heard through several outlets. I currently have two websites, one is an entertainment blog called On, we have several sections such as: arts, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, sports and events.

My other brand, thinkdymond, is a service providing others social media marketing and branding tips. Thinkdymond is also my outlet where I express myself. My web series will premiere on the platform, alongside with advice pieces for women.

Who would’ve known that a girl from Kinston, North Carolina would be in this position taking over the city of Philadelphia?

I am currently a student at Temple University, repping North Carolina (252). At 20, I can say that I am the Founder and Creator of, SonyMusicU College Marketing Rep and CEO of  I have every intention of taking Blackaphillyated and my other ventures to the next level by highlighting one of the best cities in the country, Philadelphia. 


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