A New Menswear Trend Is On The Horizon & One Man Is Leading It

People are feigning for streetwear. Over the past four years, I’ve more and more people have started craving the trend. 

Some have fully emersed themselves in the streetwear craze to the point they are clamoring for the latest collaborations.

However, some of the original streetwear kings such as Bobby Hundreds believe that like all trends streetwear will die out soon. So what’s next?

Here’s a hint; tailored streetwear. An intersection between elegance and hypebeast. And A$AP Rocky is leading it. 

For decades men have been concerned with sartorial garments. But it wasn’t until recently that men have turned over to streetwear. 

And while there is still respect for a well-tailored suit, very few have yet figured out how to display this respect for tailored garments while holding on to their love for street.

Rocky, on the other hand is a master at this. He can do it all from streetwear to sartorial garments.  

But he doesn’t just switch between the two he combines them. Unlike most people who either go for hypebeast or gentlemen’s clothing, Rocky has found himself in an intersection between the two.

But instead of switching between the two, he tends to put them together in ways you wouldn’t normally see. You wouldn’t expect to wear a fur coat over top a FILA t-shirt but he sure thinks so. A mosh pit Canadian tuxedo over top a turtleneck may not be common either but for Rocky he feels very much at home this way. 

Most of Rocky’s outfits this will be considerably difficult to pull off for mere mortals.

To the naked eye, a lot seems to be going in most wardrobe choices not to mention the appearance of tug of war between tailored and street. However, for Rocky, it’s less of a tug of war and more of an alliance.

In the majority of Rocky’s outfits what appears to be an overload of streetwear is really a combination of high-end street and flamboyant tailoring. 

This culmination how high-end street and tailored items is something that just may be the next trend but at the moment many are unsure of how to get it down to a science. Yet, if they follow Rocky’s lead they’ll soon become masters.

Full piece suits have long been a thing of the past and soon will be the streetwear frenzy. The new trend on the horizon is a combination of the two.

Tailored streetwear if you will. This comes from a desire to be elegant while still maintaining some semblance of a street aesthetic. However, pulling a look off like this isn’t easy.

For Rocky? It’s second nature. If there is anyone who will lead us into this new streetwear meets formal wave. It’s Rocky. 

Post Author: Isaac Breese

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