Some Holiday Traditions Are Worth Preserving

By Joy Cato

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Some holiday traditions are worth preserving, especially family holiday traditions. Family traditions keep second and third cousins connected. They keep the communication alive between great great aunts and great great nieces. In fact, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday simply because of my family’s tradition. Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, consists of my mom and I waking up around 5 a.m. to get our hair done running errands all around Maryland to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, and finally cooking until four in the morning at my grandmother’s house.


Thanksgiving day is the family feast, and following that is the annual family shopping trip. We leave on a bus right after dinner for a weekend of fellowship and shopping. We hit King of Prussia, Philadelphia premier outlets, Vanity fair, and then Park City. Since it’s Black Friday, we always get great deals!

This tradition started with my mom and her four other brothers and sisters, and no matter what, I intend to keep the tradition going. It’s not just about shopping and blowing money on materialistic items. It’s about the fellowship with family and staying connected to those who love you most. We always have a wonderful time.


Actually, I was talking to one of my friends and he said his Thanksgiving tradition is sitting on the curb of 7-11 with his friends getting drunk and eating all the food they want. If they decide they want to do a little Black Friday shopping, they appoint a designated driver. I don’t know how wild or reckless they get outside of a 7-11, but hey, it’s his tradition, and he was looking forward to spending that time with his friends.

So, what’s your holiday tradition?

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