“Single and Anxious” Drama Series Deals With Crime, Love and Relationships


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img_0005Being a teenager is complicated when it comes to dealing with maturing and the responsibilities that come with being an adult. Creator and director, Christina Faith, illustrates these hardships through her series Single and Anxious. The cast of Single and Anxious are all hailing from Philadelphia, PA.

The drama series addresses the issues of a group of college students regarding relationships, crime and self-love. The first six episodes that were shown at the premiere at the Reel on Temple University’s campus, dealt with crime and drug dealing, as well as multiple relationships. Karissa, one of the main characters, is in a relationship with T, and the two have been inseparable since high school. T is a wealthy “entrepreneur” who takes care of Karissa’s bill for her to attend school. Karissa isn’t aware of T’s source of income, as his coins comes from drug dealing. Karissa has been warned by friends like Amaya that T is no good for her but is stuck between the life she wanted with T and her family. Amaya, Karissa’s bestfriend, is also friends with Tasha whom is labeled as being “the nosey cousin” and has “no filter.” Tasha shows off her personality as she flirts with Sebastian, who is actually in love with Amaya. Sebastian’s goal is to protect Amaya from Je’Kob, who is the ultimate player.  Je’Kob believes that his looks and swag is the main reason why women love him.

As the series unfolds, the circle of friends begin to crumble as love interests clash with their friendship. Despite going through multiple hardships, they remain loyal to each other.


The series illustrates the importance of friendship over romantic relationships. Throughout the episodes, Faith argues that romantic relationships will always come and go. On the other hand, close friends will always be there for you, so there is no need to put that friendship in danger over a futile or detrimental romantic relationship.

The series also shows that self-love is important for a healthy body and mind. All the characters somehow doubt themselves, especially Sebastian. Sebastian is a sweet guy who simply wants good things for the people around him, but he doesn’t necessarily find himself attractive and worthy of people’s attention. Karissa also thinks she deserves to be negatively treated by T, not realizing that she is worth so much more than a guy who makes her feel bad about herself. “Single and Anxious” puts an emphasis on the fact that no matter how high society’s expectations of you are, you should stay true to yourself.

Even though the series tackles themes relevant to teenagers and college students, the acting is not necessarily doing these themes justice. The show is extremely humorous, which is great. However, sometimes it is a little too explicit, leaving nothing for the audience to think about. Also, the camera angles and quality are great, but not always focused. Many times, the front view was blurry, and it was hard to see the characters.

When it comes to the acting and scripting, it was hard to get over the fact that the series did not seem realistic. In the series, the characters are all in college, but they all look much older, have cars and own houses and luxurious apartments. It was hard for me to relate to the characters when it came to that aspect, but otherwise the acting was pretty good.

Faith provided a great platform for young college students to relate to. In fact, even though it has its downs, the series, “Single and Anxious”, gives great insight on the lives of actual college students and the constant fight they have to lead in order to become responsible adults.

The web series will release on December 18, 2016. Check out the trailer for Single and Anxious below.

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