9 Reasons Why The Eagles Will Beat The Patriots in The Super Bowl

By Adrian Sullivan

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Once again, the Eagles went into a playoff game as the underdog. However, there is no doubt that the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. An aggressive defense, elite play calling on both sides of the ball, and a capable quarterback has allowed the Eagles to be nearly undefeated. Here are 9 reasons why the Eagles will beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52:

    1. The Eagles have amazing team chemistry. It cannot be overstated enough that teams that play for each other have a competitive edge. From the dancing, celebrating, and smiles the love the team has for each other is always on display.
    2. Malcolm Jenkins is a big reason the birds will be victorious. Not only has Jenkins been one of the best players in the NFL this season, he has been the emotional leader for the Eagles. His leadership has inspired the entire team to play with confidence. The defense is playing lights out with Jenkins running the show.
    3. Doug Pederson has put his team in position to win every game throughout the season. Pederson has come up with game plans that play to the strengths of the team. The Eagles let the defense apply pressure to offenses and force turnovers. Pederson gauges his offensive play calling based on how the opponent’s defense is playing. Pederson adjustments have allowed the Eagles to get better on offense throughout the game.
    4. The Eagles can run the ball well enough to wear defenses out. The running back trio of Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement, and LeGarrette Blount allow the eagles to run between the tackles and attack the perimeter at will.
    5. The Eagles have a stacked receiving core. Nick Foles has been able to step in and have immediate success with the help of his wide receivers. Nelson Agholor, Zach Ertz, Mack Hollins, Alshon Jefferies, and Torrey Smith have all been key contributors in the passing game.Photo Credits: The New York Times
    6. Pass rush: The Eagles have tormented quarterbacks this entire season. Tom Brady will be hit early and often. Expect to see the defensive line disrupt Brady for the entire Super Bowl.
    7. Secondary play has been outstanding for the Eagles. This will be one of the biggest storylines in the game. Tom Brady often relies on focusing on one match up in the secondary to take advantage of. The Eagles are deep enough in the secondary that there will be no matchups for Brady to repeatedly exploit.
    8. The Eagles have experience at every key position. One of the reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Patriots was that they made key mistakes throughout the game. The Eagles will not make these same mistakes.
    9. Nick Foles has stepped up and led the Eagles to the Super Bowl with incredible poise. Foles has proved that he will not hurt the team with mistakes. With every throw, Foles looks more confident and has not let the stage get too big for him. He will bring a championship to Philadelphia!


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