Distributing some #BlackGirlMagic for Halloween




Attention girls and boys, Halloween is coming up! The celebration of fear and candy is slowly creeping up on us, and I bet many of you don’t have a costume just yet. That’s why I decided to celebrate Halloween and #BlackGirlMagic by providing you guys with an array of different Halloween costumes to rock with curly hair and makeup ideas for dark skin, and because I know African-Americans have different hair textures and densities, I chose three categories of costumes that would fit all hair types without damaging your hair. Now, lets get in the spirit of Halloween!

First Category: Royalty & Gods

What better way to impose your greatness on Halloween night than to dress as a royal figure or God? Although you might have to straighten your hair in order to look as close to the character as possible, dressing as Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, would ensure that all eyes are on you. Stretched hair, beads, makeup, and a long dress will be your best friends for this costume. If you need inspiration regarding makeup, check out Youtuber Bri Hall, a.k.a. Smartista Beauty, for her Egyptian Goddess makeup tutorial:

Another option if you want to look a bit more scary for the event, is being Greek Goddess, Medusa. Simply adding little plastic snakes onto a headband will do the trick. For a more Greek Goddess vibe, also try wearing a long dress.


Second Category: Celebrities

For those who enjoy pop culture, being a celebrity is a good idea. We all know Janelle Monae is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic, and being her for Halloween is super easy! You can wear a simple tuxedo with a bow tie and some classy shoes. Add red lipstick and her signature undo, and you’re good to go. To learn how to recreate her hairstyle, look at this tutorial from Maria Antoinette:

Another celebrity that you could honor for Halloween is Solange. She has been on a roll with her new album A Seat at the Table and the adorable hairstyle on her album cover has got everyone’s attention. Work on stretching out your hair and add in colored clips all throughout the hair, and you have your Halloween costume.

If you are a guy, or if you simply think this costume would fit your personality best, I recommend being the late and great artist, Prince, for the night. Just leave your stretched hair out, add a few golden accessories here and there and add a purple tuxedo, and you’ll  be able to pay tribute to this icon.











Third Category: Making a Statement

fridakahloprtraitAlthough it would already be easy to make a statement with the costume ideas mentioned above, dressing as Frida Kahlo or a member of the Black Panthers Party would highlight fundamental moments in history that are worth remembering.

Kahlo was an artist whose work depicted the struggles of females in a male-dominated society. Her efforts to highlight women’s worth have influenced many people through multiple generations. To look like her on Halloween night, put your hair in a braided updo and pin a fake flower crown. If you want to go all out, pick out a long dress with multiple colorful patterns. Also, Kahlo had a unibrow, so grab your black eyebrow pencil and draw yourself one. Two years ago, Beyoncé rocked the Khalo look perfectly, and now you can too.



Kahlo is a very inspirational figure, but the Black Panthers are as well. Now this costume might bring some controversy, but if you want to spread a message, while rocking an awesome costume, I would strongly recommend picking this costume out. By simply wearing your hair out and wearing an all-black outfit, you can honor the legacy of the Panther Party.

As proud nappy heads, it’s often hard to figure out what to do with our hair for a specific event, so I hope these ideas inspired you to dress as whatever or whoever you want for Halloween, while incorporating your natural hair in the mix and celebrating the magic of dark-skinned girls and boys.

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