Pokemon Go, an Innocent Game or Dangerous Nuisance?

By Jacara Tucker 


I’m pretty sure by now everyone has heard about the outrage over the new Pokemon Go App. The App was released on July 6 for both iPhones and Androids. It is a location based game that is free to play. Who would turn that down? The App also makes use of the camera and GPS.

The GPS is used to locate Pokemon in the area and the camera is use to capture them. Once you capture them you can train them, trade them or battle with them. They appear on your phone screen as if they are in the real world. While older players feel like it has brought them back to their younger days, others just love the search.

PokemonGO2The Pokemon can pop up anywhere, at any time. Blogger Nathan Grayson, one of the frequent users of the game says, “I love Pokemon Go, it helped me cope with my anxiety.” He says he loves the social part of the game and enjoys going out and chatting with people, who are also looking for Pokemon, which has helped him a lot.

While Charmader loves the game, you have to be safe while playing it. A driver who lives in Baltimore, Maryland smashed into a police car while playing and driving.

No one was injured in the game, but when the police asked the driver if he was okay he responded, “that’s what I get for playing that dumb*** game”. The game may be tons of fun, but it can also cause lots of distractions.








The app is available on both app stores for iPhones and Androids.


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