How to Treat Your Woman: From a Woman’s Perspective

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Contrary to popular belief, treating your girl right has absolutely nothing to do with showering her with gifts, taking her out on expensive dates and trips, or even calling her “princess”. Even though these gestures are cute, they contribute nothing to the foundation you’re trying to build with her. If you want to treat your girl right, make sure you’re following these steps:

Respect her
Respect should be a given. Put it like this, if you wouldn’t want your mother to be treated that way, don’t do it to her! If you wouldn’t want your daughter to go through it, don’t do it! If she tells you something bothers her, fix it. Even if you guys disagree on something, don’t bash her for her views. Agree to disagree and move on. Don’t call her names and definitely don’t put your hands on her!
Be Patient 
As women, we get moody, we become overwhelmed, and we get emotional. Don’t give up because it’s something you’re not used to. We know that it’s hard to deal with. It shows that you care when you show her that you’re willing to be patient with her and will accommodate her needs.
Be Considerate 
Always consider her feelings before you do or say something. Think!
Be a Man of your Word 
Basically, if you say you’re going to do something, just do it. Always keep your promises! Especially when it has to do with her.
Be Supportive 
If your girl is trying to pursue a career, working, going to school, trying to open a business, etc, support her! In whatever she does, she’s expecting you to be there  for her 100%, just like she would for you.
Be Honest
Almost the same as be a man of your word, but not quite. Say your girlfriend asks you a question. She’s expecting the truth. Not a half truth, not an exaggeration of the truth and not what should have happened, but the entire truth!
Be Affectionate 
blacklove4We love kisses and hugs! It may not be true for all of us, but I know for most of us it gives us a sense of reassurance and that we’re actually wanted. At the same time, please, please, please don’t smother us!
Be Aggressive
This one is tricky, but women love aggressiveness in men. Sometimes we push buttons for you to show us you’re the man. Any good woman would want you to know if you could foot down when the time is appropriate. This gives us a sense of security.
Reassure her
Always make sure she knows that she is loved and that you want her around. Sometimes us women get insecure and we just need you to tell us we’re beautiful, and appreciated. Never leave her guessing if you actually want her or not.
Don’t Ignore her
Even when she’s getting on your last nerve, find ways to communicate effectively! Ignoring your girl only shows her that you don’t care. Even if you do care, she’s going to think you don’t – all because you ignored her.
Express yourself
Don’t ever hold back when it comes to expressing yourself. Always tell your girl exactly what’s on your mind. Never act cold and distant because you don’t think it’s a manly thing to do to express your true feelings. We respect it a lot more when you show us you are just as vulnerable. This also goes with being honest.
These are just the basics of how a woman wants to be treated. As long as you show genuine effort in theses areas, she’ll always appreciate you. As your girlfriend, we just want to know that we are cherished and valued. If you take heed to these simple fundamentals it is guaranteed you’ll win her over forever.

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