Afraid of Getting the Zika Virus? Here’s How You Can Prevent Against it

By Jazz Milligan

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Every time you turn on the television there seems to be a new story about the Zika virus. Originally it was thought that the virus would only occur overseas, but it has officially hit stateside and officials are advising citizens to take measures to protect themselves.


To help you through it, here is the 411 on the Zika virus and how to protect yourself.


The Zika virus originated in Uganda and is known to occur in Africa and Asia along the equator. The virus is spread through mosquitoes, can be transferred from a pregnant woman to her child, through sexual activity, and blood transfusions.

A person with Zika fever (an illness caused by Zika) may exhibit symptoms such as fever,  red eyes, joint pain, headaches, and a rash. The disease is also known to cause unfortunate birth defects. 




Currently there is no cure or vaccine, but there are ways to protect yourself. Using bug spray and contraception during sex can stop the spread of the virus and staying away from mosquito infested areas is another preventive measure. If you are traveling and have traveled to known Zika hotspots, the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) has issued an advisory to people to get tested and use extreme caution when in these areas.

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