Afeni Shakur Passes Away at 69

By Ngozi Nwanji 

tupac-afeni-shakurAfeni Shakur passed away at 69 on the night of May 2 in her home in Sausalito, California after a possible heart attack.

Shakur was known for being an activist and being apart of the Black Panthers Party. Her and other members of the movement were arrested and charged with accused bombings in 1969. Shakur served 11 months in jail.

Her son, the late rapper Tupac’s popular song “Dear Mama”, her commentary of the situation is on the track. She was pregnant with Tupac at the time and was worried that she would have to give birth in prison. She miraculously was able to represent herself as her own criminal defense attorney and get the charges acquitted against her.

In the song, Tupac also talks about how much he appreciated his mother for all she went through during his childhood. He also spoke about her fighting addiction.

Shakur was in charge of Tupac’s estate after his death in 1996. She started the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation that provided the youth of Atlanta with theater and poetry camps. She was all for helping and inspiring young children and keeping her son’s legacy alive.

Watch “Dear Mama” below.

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