The Greatness that is “Lemonade”

By Ngozi Nwanji

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01-beyonce-lemonade-beauty“I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”- Beyoncé Knowles

Say what you want about Beyoncé, but you can’t deny the woman’s creativity.

“Formation”, and its heartfelt visuals, broke the internet with its subliminal messages and symbolism. Beyoncé allowed us to know her views on today’s issue of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Queen B also rewound history to Hurricane Katrina to remind us of the forgotten black lives lost in the tragedy. Who can forget her drowning on top of a New Orleans police car?

This was just the beginning of it all. Beyoncé has now dropped her 12-track visual album “Lemonade”, which lyrically focuses on the rollercoaster that her marriage had her go through. Along with the album’s focus of infidelity, the song “Freedom” is about black people taking a stand and trying to fight through the obstacles that they are facing.

The 58 minute visual album includes strong black women throughout. Serena Williams, Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg, Quvenzhane Wallis appeared in the video, and they are all young black women that are inspiring the masses. “The most disrespected person in America is a black woman.”

giphyAs saddening as it is, this is the truth in today’s society,  and, all of these women including Beyoncé have fallen victim to being ridiculed on social media. What does this say to young black women that look up to these celebrities?

Beyoncé is clearly aware of how society poorly portrays black women regardless of how many successful black women there are. She is showcasing how every shade of black is beautiful, strong and powerful.

She let us into her marriage, and from the outside looking in, it looks perfect. Her fans were allowed into the dark side that one isn’t able to see. She put her vulnerability on the table for everyone to see. This is to show that, yes she is Beyoncé, but she is still a woman. She’s using her hurt and pain to connect and heal with others.

The haters can continue talking about how she’s overrated. Haters say she can’t sing or that she dresses inappropriately, but as an artist that is on such a high platform, people are eager to see her fail. She still decided to take a stand to help uplift others spirits, and could care less about the backlash it may bring. That is one of her highest accomplishments, and for that Beyoncé, I thank you for everything that Lemonade is.

“Imma keep running cuz a winner doesn’t quit on themselves.” – Beyoncé Knowles

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