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On Mar. 12, 2016, the Organization of African Students (OAS) held their annual fashion show. This year, it was called JUMA Aesthetics, and as always, they did not disappoint. Every year the show brings new, modern looks to the table, as it seeks to pay homage to not only the fashion designers who have an utmost passion for their craftsmanship, but also all the models, dancers, and singers who participate.

Asante and Dyymond, the hosts of the show.
Asante and Dyymond, the hosts of the show.

This year’s show was hosted by Temple’s own, Asante Abdullah and Dyymond Whipper-Young. To everyone’s surprise, Dyymond was even able to show off some of her impeccable artwork that was displayed right near the entrance. Ultimately, both hosts were extremely committed to engaging the crowd from start to finish, so they began to interact with the crowd before transitioning to each fashion theme.


Some of the brands featured this year were Perade, Original Crackage, Entr3pnr, Geechi, and Culture Of. Each brand showcased their own unique styles through the usage of colors, patterns, denim, and silhouettes. The various styles made viewers wonder about all the concepts and that come into play when designing clothes.

One thing for certain is that the brands were distinguishable from each other. Yet, every piece of clothing that was presented tended to serve as a mere reflection of the infinite layers of creativity each designer’s soul has to offer. It takes one to design, and another to rock fashionably and that is just what each model did throughout the show, as DJ Flygerian blasted some of the sweetest runway songs to date. Sometimes people take runway music for granted when in reality it suits as an extra dynamic for any fashion showcase. For this particular occasion, it made many spectators get up and show off some of their rhythm.

OAS Executive Board, who put together the fashion show.
OAS Executive Board, who put together the fashion show.




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