#HealthTip: 5 Tips to Keep Natural Hair Healthy in the Summer

By:Demoine Taylor

The Summer time is here! Natural sisters it’s time to tame your mane and protect your beautiful, kinky natural hair. Are you wondering how to do just that in this sweltering heat? I am here to save your hair and day! With tons of new protective styles, such as braids, weaves, twist -outs and many more. Keep reading for amazing tips that I use to keep my natural hair healthy in the summer heat.

Tip 1: Wash your hair more often! Just like you get dehydrated from being under the hot sun, so does your hair! It helps keep your hair AND scalp hydrated.

Tip 2: After a wash, rinse with COOL water. Hot water can dry out your hair and scalp, which will result in itchiness and flakiness. Cooler water also help lock in moisture and to keep hair defined.

Tip 3: Apply product in the shower or (wet hair). Apply leave-ins on drenched hair to lock in moisture. OILS ARE NOT MOISTURE!

Tip 4: PROTECTIVE STYLING! During the summer months, braids or cornrows are amazing with protecting your hair from the heat and if you’re headed to the beach or the pool, no worries! If you’re like me, and need longer protective styles, I would consider a weave or braids. Not only is it protecting your hair, but your hair will be growing!

Tip 5: TRIM YOUR HAIR! Trimming your hair every 3-5 months or annually is very helpful to your hair growth journey. Not only is the trim taking away dead hair but your hair grows in even faster and thicker!

Pro Tip: If you are wearing braids or weaves this summer, be sure to maintain a clean, hydrated scalp by cleansing your hair from product build up. Thank you for reading my tips on maintaining healthy natural hair during the summer heat.

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