Omarosa Tries to Avoid White House Questions During Interview with Stephen Colbert

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During Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, his guest Omarosa Manigault-Newman laughed through many of the questions making viewers even more uneasy about Donald Trump.

The previous member of Trump’s team and longtime friend, Omarosa, couldn’t deny her comments made on Celebrity Big Brother but, vaguely talked through them as well.

Colbert began asking about Omarosa’s experience on Celebrity Big Brother and quickly wanted to compare it to her time working in the White House. She stayed the White House was crazier than living in the house without sunlight for 30 days.

When Colbert asked Omarosa about her conversation with fellow contestant Ross Mathews that things are “going to not be OK” under President Trump, she let out a weird laugh.

“Was that a joke? Because you’re laughing about it,” the host said. “I’m chilled by watching it because you know Donald Trump, you were in the White House, you were close to the events that were happening. What do you mean it’s not going to be OK?”

From there, Omarosa deflected the question by going on a long tangent about how the clip was possibly taken out of context because it was part of a “bigger discussion” about immigration. “I don’t want 15 seconds on a reality show to encapsulate such a serious topic,” she said.

Watch the full interview between Stephen Colbert and Omarosa below to form your opinion. Will we be okay?

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