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Spring is coming along faster than I’ve expected, it seems to me as though the transition from warm weather to cold is more harsh and longer than the opposite. I’m a child of the sun, I enjoy being out and about in the sun and I’ve appreciated it even more that I live in a cold-ish place like Philadelphia. If you’re just like me and you always reminisce on summer days, you clearly cannot wait for the warmer seasons to peak through–and clearly can’t stop buying new clothes to wear. Here’s a list of outfits I will definitely be rocking this spring and summer, to help you find inspiration on what to shop for!

Bandeau tops

Something you should know about my personal style is that I don’t like putting too much effort in my appearance. In the winter, I completely cover up in baggy sweatpants and hoodies, sneakers, you know the deal. Once summer hits, I keep the same simplicity but with less layers! That’s why bandeau tops and little camisole shirts are my best friends. They’re so easy to pair with anything–shorts, pants, skirts, etc–so it’s exactly what I need. In addition to that, they’re super comfortable and would help you survive through that summer heat. I’ll definitely be rocking these soon!

Flowy Shorts

Once again, a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe if it gets really warm where you live. Extremely comfortable (a pattern you’re gonna see often when it comes to my personal preference) and cute, just the perfect pair of shorts to rock at the beach over a bikini or going to a summer party!

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are always a good idea, no matter the season. Of course, if it gets way too warm where you are, you can choose not to wear them but I think they look extremely cute in the summer time with slides and a cute plain t-shirt. You could also style them with sneakers or with sandals and a bandeau or bikini top, basically there are so many options with high-waisted jeans–you can never go wrong.

Long, baggy t-shirts

“Can you say it louder for the people in the back?”, yes. Yes I can. Baggy t-shirts are my best friends in the summer, they don’t look too revealing but they’re so cute! Pairing them with slides and a small bag or tote would just be the cutest, most comfortable and flowy outfit ever. Out of all these outfits, that would have to be my favorite.

Now that you know what I would wear on a hot summer day–or basically as soon as it gets warmer–hopefully you can decide whether or not you would rock those outfits too. Whatever your style is, I know you’ll look fantastic in the Spring (because, I mean, you already do)!

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