#ArtistToWatch: Diana Gordon, An Overwhelmingly Talented Songstress With a Cold Pen-Game

By Njera Perkins

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You’ve probably heard her work before you’ve ever heard her sing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this songbird has a story to tell the world. I would’ve never guessed that this Queens, NY native was responsible for some of my favorite tracks over the last few years because her humble spirit is so admirable; all this time this slept on gem was right underneath my nose.

Tuesday night (Feb. 6), I had the pleasure of attending Brent Faiyaz’s show right here in Philadelphia for his “Sonder Son” tour. The intimate setting had me questioning whether he’d have an opener before he graced the stage. Before I knew it, a young petite woman stepped onto the stage dressed in a funky, vintage outfit and grabbed the mic. As she performed her first song, she had everyone in the room, including me, captivated by her voice. She had me absolutely lost for words with her raw and strong sound.

After she finished her song and introduced herself, she carried on with the rest of her performance. Throughout her set, she told us her background story and how she ended up on the road with Brent Faiyaz. When she wrapped up for the night, I couldn’t help but want to hear more from her. Her story and lyrics were so inspiring that I felt like everyone who wasn’t hip needed to know who she was.

Two years ago, we would’ve known her by her stage name, Wynter Gordon; however, today she goes by her real name, Diana Gordon. I’m just now hearing about her, but she’s been in the business longer than you may think.

She got her start in the music industry while working at a nightclub in Queens owned by music manager Don Pooh. One day she passed him a demo and he responded by handing her a track to write to. That track became known as “Gonna Breakthrough,” a song featured on Mary J. Blige’s seventh studio album, “The Breakthrough.” At 19 years old, she officially inked a deal with Atlantic Records where she began writing songs for artists like Flo-Rida, Danity Kane, and Jennifer Lopez.

Although she didn’t want to change her style or sound, she still had people around her trying to turn her into something she wasn’t. For years she wore a mask that wasn’t authentic to her true identity. Her label and manager didn’t give her a chance to grow as an artist and for that the world didn’t get a chance to see this great star emerge. After all the stress and a breakdown in 2015, she finally had enough and decided she needed to make a change to save herself.

To erase all the negativity and pain in her life, she decided to go by her birth name in order to reclaim her identity and finally get to know herself. In 2016, she released a very personal single called “The Legend Of” as a true testament to her story and her way of reintroducing herself to the world.

Since then she’s been climbing her way back to success, especially after getting the opportunity to work with the Queen B herself on her “Lemonade” album. Yes, Gordon was able to write songs for Beyonce and received writing credits on three songs – “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “Daddy Lessons,” and most notably “Sorry.”

Since then she’s been laying low working on some new music and now she’s gearing up to release a new project called “Pure” set to drop in April. During the concert the other night, she gave the audience a glimpse of what to expect from the project with songs like “Kool-Aid” and “Wolverine.” According to her, the project is solely inspired by her family and life experiences that she wants the world to know about. From what I heard, the songs sound fantastic and I’m excited to hear it in full.

Diana Gordon is truly a talent the world hasn’t seen in a long time and I have a feeling she’s going to shake things up very soon. Get ready because Diana is coming so stay tuned for what’s to come.

Check out her single “The Legend Of” below.

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