All the Reasons You Need to See Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Film

By Medina Shaw

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Every man, woman, and infant has been talking about Marvel’s “Black Panther” film since the first trailer dropped. Their latest superhero flick is jam packed with all your favorite black actors. Here’s a few reasons why you should go see it:

1. All your favs!

This movie has all of our favorite people – Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, and the queen herself, Angela Bassett. Plus, so many more! But tbh, just those four are enough to convince me to give something a try.

2. It’s a well-executed film about black superheroes

It’s no secret that we don’t see many soc (superheroes of color) ever. That being said, the fact the we get to see so many black characters with all sorts of strengths is a big deal! Representation matters and I can’t wait to hear all the stories of little black children seeing themselves as a hero and not a villain.

3. It’s history

“The Black Panther” first hit the public in a 1966 issue of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four.” He was the first black superhero in a mainstream American comic book! To hold that kind of title and still be making waves over 50 years later is a cause I can get behind.

4. Support black art

I personally feel that there is tremendous importance on supporting black people, specifically black artists. In our community, it can often feel as though there is only one way to exist. Pursuing a career in arts and entertainment is not typically supported. That being said, it is imperative that we support black art. Specifically, we should support art that depicts us in a light of power and glory. We should support films that show black people as multifaceted being more than baby mamas and drug lords. We should support black films that depict us as humans.

5) It’s going to be a great movie!

That’s it! Black Panther is set to hit theaters Feb. 16, so make sure you hurry up and grab your tickets.

Are you going to see Black Panther? On the fence? Already have your tickets bought? Let us know!

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