An Interview with Conyngham London, and the “Young, Flirty and Adventurous” Founder Behind it


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The universe is already helping me, I just need to believe it’s already here 💕

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At Blackaphillyated, we love highlighting entrepreneurs who break limits and reach for the stars. One of them is Rosamund Conyngham, a young poet with now more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, and her own brand, Conyngham London–with items of clothing, accessories as well as tote bags. I’m honored to shed light on such a rare pearl, marking our first online article about a poet, on Blackaphillyated.

Blackaphillyated: How has social media helped you as a social and marketing tool?

Rosamund: Young, flirty and adventurous, is the philosophy I live by. I am a poet, writer and designer from London, England. Spending the past four years studying in Oxford and London, nothing could deny me of the love I have for writing, designing and entrepreneurship. My name Rosamund Conyngham may not be known to many but I have been lucky enough to gain a loyal following over the past year on my Instagram page @Conynghampoetry, where I began sharing my writing and affirmations of self-love. Within the first two months, people were requesting I publish a book of my “inspiring and heartwarming” poems. I receive many messages and emails asking for advice on love and relationships, self-love, healing and development. To which I respond to all, and have been able to help readers in their time of need on several occasions, sometimes they just want someone to talk to, they tell me my poetry is healing for them, and the wisdom they seek to take them towards strengthening their mind, body and soul, is found in every line of my writing, which is a humbling thing to hear. I am currently in the final stages of finishing a series of poetry books entitled, Dear Francis, Wolves, and Amour de Soi – The Poems/and The Theory which will be published in 2018 and in the following year.


The universe is already helping me, I just need to believe it’s already here 💕

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B.A: When did your love for poetry sprout, and how did that passion grow?

Rosamund: My love for poetry began again at the age of 19 when I was sitting one day in the Starbucks coffee of my university campus. I found life exceptionally mesmerising, (at this time I was madly in love with Francis, from my upcoming book ‘Dear Francis’) I spent my days studying in old Oxfordian libraries and cafes, to which I had a lot of time to sit and wonder. My thoughts, seemed to sound somehow poetic, and I found them to be beautiful, they lingered on topics and curiosities, in the most poetic yet philosophical way. That day at Starbucks, this trail of poetic thought welcomed itself back into my mind, I thought it might be worth writing down, at least to just calm my mind. I left my coffee on the table and ran upstairs to the bookstore to purchase my first poetry notebook, and ran back to find my coffee was awaiting me, to sit down with it and write my first poem.


B.A: What is the essence of your brand?

Rosamund: At heart, I am an entrepreneur and creator. All starting with a dream at the age of 14, over the past 9 years I have accumulated collections of my sketches, from clothing to high jewellery and accessories. I recall a vivid dream, this surreal, magical dream one night, almost cinematic, of a feather floating gently against the wind. Like a movie scene, my vision panned out and I saw a stunning golden chain, almost like silk thread, hanging on a tree overlooking a sunset, in a meadow. I immediately woke up and sketched my first jewellery piece, the next few designs followed accordingly, within a dream, but the rest of the collection I drew when awake and envisioning new pieces. I began designing bags, and clothing later in life when I had an inclination to visit luxury brand stores in London and, was inevitably inspired to create my own designs. I am most inspired by Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Gucci at the moment.”

On November 9th, 2017, I celebrated the official launch of my British apparel brand, Conyngham of London England, were I debuted my line of designs featuring designs that empower women to be powerful, self-loving and most importantly, true to themselves. My brand and clothing have been surprisingly very popular in the first couple of months, through the Instagram attention it has been able to withhold.

Women love my brand because it feels like home to them, they are drawn to Conyngham because we represent a love for organic fabric, which is soft and caring on the skin. We are devoted to ensuring all our materials and standards are traceable and ethical, as well as working in only environmentally sustainable ateliers, and many have found it rewarding to purchase my clothing because every month a percentage of our profits go towards supporting our sponsored child through  Our brand philosophy is to stay young, flirty and adventurous. We want to promote that youth is in the heart, playfulness makes life extraordinary and being adventurous is what makes it all worth it. I hope Conyngham can grow into a luxury lifestyle brand in the future as my self and my team grow and learn more about the market and industry.

B.A: How has your family viewed your rapid success?

Rosamund: My ambition and attitude earned me a place in a biotech start-up, who only hired PhD students. At the age of 20, I was hired and became a part of the first founding members. I was surprised and quickly very humbled to find out I was the only undergraduate on the team that strictly recruited only students of the University of Oxford who were PhD students in clinical and organic sciences, I was a 20-year-old undergrad student enrolled in Oxford Brookes University studying Occupational Therapy. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, it helped me build my entrepreneurship muscle and reach further goals for entering my young mind into the business world.

My family have supported my every endeavour, from being there through the hardships of university life to pushing me to utilise the experiences and knowledge my degree gave to me, at hand, whilst still having hope in the pursuit of a career in fashion and writing.


B.A: You’re really young. How was it creating a business at such a young age? What would you say to young entrepreneurs?

Rosamund: My advice to other young entrepreneurs, Keep your mind, body and soul balanced, with positivity and inner strength, you must first be strong and unstoppable from within, to overcome every obstacle, that may be negativity and doubt, along the way. Find as many entrepreneurship and business societies, or associations that will provide you with insider updates and resources. I have been a member of the Oxford Entrepreneurs Society and a lot of good, experiences and connections has come from that for me. Stay humble, and most importantly, remain patient, keep moving forward and know that you will reach what you want to if you believe, have a good plan, and place yourself in the right environment, surrounding yourself with the right people who will help you reach higher places. E-commerce is a powerful thing, and although it has been realised, I anticipate it will blow up even more in the next decade, do take every advantage of it and of the infinite power of social media marketing. Key: Do what others won’t, that is what sets you apart and makes you a winner. Be a winner.

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After the succession of emails we sent each other, Rosamund sounded immensely grateful to appear in her first online publication. However, I’d have to say I’m more than thankful she’s inspiring young entrepreneurs and artists to follow their dreams. At such a young age, she knew what her purpose was, and followed her path without looking back. As Rosamund says herself, “be a winner,” so get up and go make a difference!

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