Blackaphillyated Teamed Up With Chosen 300 to Give Back to the Community

By Lonnie Gordon III

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Everybody deserves to be treated equally and Chosen 300 Ministries always makes sure that’s the case with the people they serve.

“To bring people of different membership groups together; helping them to realize that despite our differences in our race, ethnic group, denomination, social class, economic classes, or the diverse ways we practice our faith; we can unify ourselves for the common good.” That’s their mission statement. Chosen 300 Ministries aims to help bring communities together no matter the type of social status one has, and one way they complete this task is by distributing meals and services to the homeless throughout the Philadelphia Region and the world.

On Friday, Feb. 2, Blackaphillyated was able to show up to Chosen 300’s “A Place Where The Hungry Are Served” event that focused on providing the homeless with food and items that they need to sustain everyday life.

Chosen 300 is giving back to the community only to bless other people, and they don’t do it for anything in exchange except for the smiles on the faces of the people who get to eat and feel as though they’re just as good as anyone else. They serve the food on Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, at 6pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 5PM on Saturday evenings and in West Philadelphia on Monday and Friday evenings at 6pm as well. Volunteers are welcome to show up, but must be there at 5:30pm. Chosen 300 reminds people that “We need your help to make a difference in our communities.”

If you wish to volunteer, here are the list of schedules below:

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