Could Anthony Davis End Up In Golden State or Boston Next Year?

By Lonnie Gordon III

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Anthony Davis is on a roll this year, and because of that suspicions are rising on whether not Davis will actually be on the road next year.. to another team.

At only 24 years old for the New Orleans Pelicans, he’s averaging a mean double-double, which is a dominant 26.5 points, 10.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game. To top that, Davis is shooting 55-percent from the floor, which is a career best for the young superstar.

Now most people are probably thinking, why the hell would Anthony Davis leave in the first place? The thing is, it honestly might be one of the best moves for Davis since his star teammate, Demarcus Cousins, is out for the year and may or may not be returning.

Per Reports, the Warriors and the Celtics are a couple of teams that are after the monster power forward.

I guess the real question is, who wouldn’t want Anthony Davis? His upside is amazingly high even being the elite player that he is already. San Antonio and Chicago are also after him.

If Davis goes to the Warriors or the Celtics, it will be a scary sight for the rest of the league. We’ll see how everything plays out.

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