#ArtistToWatch: Sese Meslayy, the Trendy MUA on Fire

By Chynna Cummings

Beauty influence and MUA, Sese Meslayy is dominating social media platforms with her creative make-up looks that display some of the best shows, cartoons, and even holidays. Meslayy’s work undoubtedly contributes creativity, originality and spice. Meslayy’s recreation of the following cartoons and shows have vocalize her skills in artistry and make up skills:

This inspired game character Mario makeover is completely unbelievable and stunningly scary. Her ability to recreate this character with total use of make up is astonishing.

“The Proud Family” is one of the most well-known shows for the generations of the late 90s and 2000s. The make-up version of the show is completely different and a true reflection of the vibrant characters along with its own twist.

The Care Bears look is different, original and well detailed. All of the colors in this look include colors from the show with a spunk of talent, softness and a hint of adorableness.

Living in color comedic show always presented bright, fun and bold characteristics within ever episode. Correspondingly, this look delivers all of those characteristics in a unique way.

To see more of Sese Meslayy’s work follow her listed social media handles below.

Instagram: @sese_meslayy

YouTube: Sese Meslayy


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