‘SevenThirty T’, A Brand You Won’t Get Enough Of This Spring Season


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SevenThirty T, or 730t, is an art brand. Now creating and selling sweatpants, t-shirts, phone cases, iron transfers and prints, along with 46, 300 followers on Instagram; 730t is expanding more than it ever has before. A look into 730t and its creator, Tylor.

Tylor created the name of her brand 730t when she was 16. She explains, “I was just a depressed kid who wanted to grow up and move out of my moms house and just be on my own. So I decided to count how many days I had until I would be 18 (365+365=730) and I made it my Instagram name to remind myself.” She adds that things turned out unexpectedly good however, “in those two years I improved inside and out. For 11th grade I moved to Georgia for a fresh start. While there I met amazing people, I went out and had fun, I started caring about life again and I fell in Love with art all over again, I found Myself.

Tylor basically sketches art pieces and transfers them onto phone cases, fabric, or just prints. What I love about her marketing is she is completely transparent and genuine. I ordered a shirt from her website about 3 months ago and the package arrived late. Taylor made sure to gift me with a ‘thank you’ card, along with free prints and iron-ons for the delay. She also communicates intensively with her customers, making sure everyone is pleased. Every month or so, she has sales on her website for people who can’t necessarily afford buying her art.

730t isn’t only a way for Taylor to gain revenue, she does it for love. Love for herself, love for art, and love for others. And that is extremely inspirational. Check out her website 730t to get some affordable art pieces, and support her growing business. It ships internationally so you have no excuse!

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