#Spotlight: DJ JFK Is A Temple Grad Who Has Consistently Electrified the Scene

By Lonnie Gordon III

Twitter: @staykreativ
Instagram: @stay.kreativ

Therion Baker, also known as “DJ JFK”, is a DJ and a host, and since taking on this career he has lived up to the purpose of it.

He has two roles that are both equally delightful to be around. The first is DJing, whether it be a party or any other event, Baker’s work allows people to capture the moment and take a step away from the stress or other problems that come with life. The second role is a host, in which he has done in just about everything. Whether it be for events, basketball games, soccer games or any other athletic games, he looks to keep the crowd involved.

Below is a short documentary on DJ JFK, as he explains why he loves his career and gives motivational words to any other aspiring creatives. The video is directed by yours truly, so be sure to check out other content on the channel as well.

To get in contact with DJ JFK, use this email: info@stayhostin.com

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