#ArtistToWatch: Eli Capella is a New Rapper On the Rise

By Jordan Saibu

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In today’s society, rap and its culture have taken a change from its original roots. Taking it back to when rap first started emerging and had the presence of MC’s like Run D-M-C, Dougie E. Fresh, LL Cool J, and more. Also back when DJ’s like Scott Sterling, Chuck D, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and more were heavily appreciated.

However as time went on, in the early 2000’s, the rap culture started to change and today it is a totally different scene than it was back in the 80’s. Most OG’s feel as if the rap game has changed and that the appreciation for good lyrics and music has declined. But there is one guy who is going to change all of that.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, lyricist Eli Capella has been invested in music from an early age. When he was a kid, Eli had a passion for singing, writing, and playing instruments; He started rapping in high school while in the 10th grade and from there the rapper Eli Capella emerged! Getting his passion for old school rap, he incorporates that sound and uses it for his own music.

What set’s Eli apart from modern day rap is his attention and respect to the rap game. When listening to his music, you hear and feel the connection between him and his music and can tell all the hard work and time he puts in. Eli is a gifted lyricist and when he raps, he doesn’t even curse. He feels like he can “get his message across without using profanity.” Any one who raps or has tried to rap knows how hard it is not to curse; and not cursing at all is talent very few people have.

Having Dominican roots, Eli also connects his culture to his music and does it in a way where you can understand his story. Eli is talented and his ceiling is only going to continue to go up; performing for well-known rapper Freeway, collaborating with MC Knowledge(who got invited to the Philly Hip Hop Awards), and also working with his talented girlfriend, Seraiah Nicole, there is no telling how big of an impact his music will have.

Catch the humble Eli out rapping out in the streets or performing at your nearest venue.  Be sure to go support his new album “Illadwellers” that is out now!


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