#AlbumReview: Sam Smith Digs Deep On ‘Thrill Of It All’

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Sam Smith released his second studio album, The Thrill of It All last week after spending most of 2016 in the studio. The album was produced by Steve Fitzmaurice, with help from Jimmy Napes, Timbaland, and Malay.

The Thrill of It All serves as a “diary,” as described by Apple Music, that Sam used to release his inner thoughts about his family, his sexuality, and his love life. Multiple songs on the album feature accompaniment from choirs, such as “Pray,” “HIM,” and “Baby You Make Me Crazy.” The album has beautiful musicality and a sense of honesty, as well as a huge highlight on Sam’s exceptional vocal skills, which were accompanied by two female features. I enjoyed getting a vision of what life has been like for Sam, and I hope to see him on tour in the future.

This album touched on several topics, providing the perfect balance of melancholy and uplifting vibes. These are my favorite songs from The Thrill of it All:

1. Palace
In this song, Sam mourns losing a lover. “Sometimes I wish we never built this palace. But real love is never a waste of time.” Although they put him through a lot in the relationship, he doesn’t regret being in it because what they had was real. He knows he still cares about this person, so he will always reminisce on their relationship. Camaron Ochs, a vocalist that cowrote the song with Sam, comes in on the second verse to provide a refreshing upper harmony. The acoustics highlight the pain Sam is trying to portray in this song, which makes it all the more beautiful.

2. HIM
The voices of a choir open “HIM,” after which Sam Smith begins a conversation with a “father,” by asking to talk. He expresses love for someone, making their gender clear by referring to them as “him” throughout the song. Sam sings about walking the streets of Mississippi in confidence with his significant other’s hand in his, even though their sexuality is frowned upon in the eyes of the state. The song ends with a final statement: “Holy father, judge my sins, I’m not afraid of what they will bring, I’m not the boy that you thought you wanted, I love him.”

3.  You Make Me Crazy
The uplifting production of this song puts a twist on breakup songs. Although Sam has just been dumped, he can’t help but feel caught up with the person who broke his heart. He sings out for help, “Save me, make it all hazy, so I don’t think about you till tomorrow,” in order to be distracted from his feelings. The songs empowering nature and catchy tune are what truly make it enjoyable to listen to.

If you haven’t already listen to “Thrill of It All” below and give us your take on the album.

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