#ArtistToWatch: Selangie Arlene, Designer and CEO of Fashion Empire ‘Sel Arlene’

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Image result for selarlene pinterestFashion designer, entrepreneur, fierce creative, rising icon, all these things come to mind when you hear the name Sel Arlene.

Selangie Henriquez, better known by her fan base and followers of her work as Selangie Arlene, is one of New York City’s up and coming fashion designers and she’s making quite the name for herself. Ever since she was a little girl she’s had a passion for fashion, playing dress up and being inspired by her grandmother’s interest in creating Barbie outfits. Once she had that needle and thread in hand,  the rest was history. She took her love for fashion and eagerness to learn more about the craft and enrolled in the High School of Fashion Industries where she focused on Fashion Design. Although her journey wasn’t easy, she made sure no one steered her wrong and she did things her way. Her passion eventually grew into a fashion empire built right from the comfort of her own home.

Growing up in the streets of New York, she gained a hustler spirit that has launched her fashion career into the stratosphere. As a witness to her journey, it’s amazing to see where she started from her humble beginnings and how her brand has blossomed thus far. From the amateur fashion blog she started years ago with friends during her Tumblr days to being the CEO of her own clothing brand, Selangie is a self-made female boss.

She’s always had a large following, but her social media saw a significant jump back in 2015 after reaching over 84,000 followers on her Instagram page where she frequently shows off her #ootd and latest designs. Her social media has attributed a lot to her success as a designer and she’s definitely used that to her advantage.

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She describes her clothing line as “glamour chic” getting inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Michael Costello, and Paolo Sebastian just to name a few. Her designs are in very high demand, especially during prom season, and despite all the business she gets she continues to run the business by herself. Only in her early 20’s has Selangie had the honor of seeing her work modeled on the red carpet at the Grammys by NYC journalist, Azia Celestino.

She recognizes that her Latina background has a lot to do with who she is today having major influences from the late great Selena Quintanilla and superstar Jennifer Lopez. Her desire to be hands on and her attention to detail is admirable and a rare work ethic to see among our generation.

Today, she is one of her generation’s most talked about up and coming creatives. With her prosperous brand, she hopes to open more doors for brown artists lacking their own lanes to create. She aims to become the next Versace or Balmain and with her creative designs she’s well on her way.

Follow her brand’s instagram @sel.arlene for more updates on her upcoming designs and her personal instagram @sel.xo to see her serve looks effortlessly.

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