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By Jordan Saibu

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Every artist has their own style and way of expressing themselves. However, I believe that to be great and to be one of the top music artists is to have impacted music consistently over time. So with that being said, I am going to give you my top five artists in the hip-hop and R&B music game hands down. No need to debate, these are straight facts:

5) Migos

Starting at number five, is the rap group Migos. Migos has been continuously killing the game for over six years. Starting with their first album “Jung Season” until their current album “Culture”, Migos has been flooding the game with hits. But every artist has hits; the reason why Migos are so big is because of their evolution. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have been continuously evolving their sound to make their sound popular with the “culture”, with consistent hits. Migos has definitely solidified their spot on the top five list.

4) Future

Next man up is Future; I mean there is really nothing to say about this him, that he doesn’t already do for himself, but the evolution of Future and his influence is what makes him great and nationally recognized. Personally, I remember when Future just came out, and songs like “Karate Chop,” “Chosen One,”. he was known generally in the South, but after mixtape “56 nights,” Future blew up and became a worldwide superstar. With projects like “What a Time To Be Alive,” “Evol,” “DS2,” “Future,” and “Hndrxx” he was put on a platform, and that you could not ignore. Future is a well-known superstar and will be one for many more years.

3) J.Cole

J Cole is a lyrical genius hands down; his ability to connect with real world problems and tell a story makes him special. It seems like every album he drops ends up going platinum. Cole has the ability make people feel what he is rapping about and we haven’t had a popular artist talking about real world problems since the 2pac and Biggie’s era.

When “The Warm Up” was released, it got attention with songs like “Lights Please,” “Dollar and a Dream,” and “Can I Live”. Then when album “Sideline Story” dropped, this put Cole on the map with hit songs like “Can’t get Enough,” Nobody’s Perfect,” and “Work Out”. From there, Cole skyrocketed, and every project became worldwide. The songs and albums he was making were going platinum, and he was selling out concerts by himself. J. Cole is definitely ahead of our time, and his impact will surpass far after he is done rapping.

2) Drake

The reason why drake is so popular is because he is more than just artist, he is an entertainer. Drake’s ability to perform and attract every genre of people is what sets him apart. Drake’s evolution of rapping to singing pioneered the way for a lot of rappers doing the same thing in the 21st century, and making it something that’s a cool thing to do. There is no other artist out right now that is as successful as Drake or popping. Starting when Drake just dropped “Thank Me Later,” he had hits on top of hits. Popular songs included “Find Your Love,” “Miss Me,” “Over,” and “Show Me a Good Time”. Then when “Forever” came out, it gave Drake a platform, and from there he continued to give hit after hit.

When Drake drops an album, he has the attention of the world. Drake is one of very few artist who can sell out arenas solely by himself, drawing the attention from Jay, E-40, and more from an early point of his career. They knew Drake was special and indeed he is. Drake still has many more years to go, and he has already accomplished so much.

1) Chris Brown

Chris Brown is the definition of the term superstar. Chris is a once-in-a-lifetime performer that can capture the crowd and give people the time of their lives. Ever since Chris first came out with “Yo Excuse Me Miss,” and “Run it” the young singer became a superstar in the blink of an eye.

Chris’s ability to dance and sing so well caught the attention of the world, and he started getting comparisons to legend Michael Jackson. Chris has received received forty-one nominations and won sixteen, including Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist, Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist and Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, Best Male R&B Artist at the BET Awards, and more. Chris’ recent album “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” became the fasted album by a male singer to receive a GOLD certification; it went gold after a week. Chris Brown will be a legend by the time his career is over, and the same way we talk about Michael Jackson will be the same way we talk about Chris Brown.

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