2017 NFL MVP Watch: Will This Be A Year Without A QB Winning MVP?

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The MVP race is somewhat close as always; Although this time around, the two players inching towards the finish line are not two QBs.

Tom Brady is somehow still leading the MVP race even at 40 years old. However, following behind him is Todd Gurley, a RB for the Los Angeles Rams who’s last half of the season has pushed him far ahead of any other contender for second place. Tom Brady leads the league in just about every QB stat: completions, attempts, passing yards and yards per attempt, and not to mention that he’s only thrown 8 interceptions in comparison to his 30 touchdowns on the season. He’s leading the Patriots to receive home advantage in the AFC Playoffs again, despite the fact that he is without his go-to receiver, playing with an offense that has numerous injured offensive players, and being stuck with a defense that has been dominated by other offenses all season long. What Brady has done this season has practically earned him the MVP title—but there’s still one week left.

Regardless of Brady’s incredible numbers, Todd Gurley has been having breakout performances lately. One of these performances come from Week 16 against the Titans, where Gurley erupted to get 118 yards off 22 carries, and 158 yards off 10 catches. The star RB also had two touchdowns in the game as well. The outstanding performance allowed Gurley to go over the 2000 mark for total yards on the season, and he now has a league-leading 19 touchdowns as well. The Rams lead the league in scoring, an accomplishment that would not even be close to possible if it weren’t for Gurley being the starting RB. The miraculous leap that Todd Gurley has taken from last year is what got him the unanimous second place spot in the MVP Race. He’s still five points behind Brady in the MVP race, but somehow if he can take the top spot in Week 17, he would definitely deserve it.

The list is as follows:

1. Tom Brady – 25 points
2. Todd Gurley – 20 points
T-3. Rob Gronkowski – 7 points
T-3. Aaron Donald – 7 points
5. Le’Veon Bell – 5 points
T-6. Drew Brees – 4 points
T-6. Calais Campbell – 4 points
T-8. Antonio Brown – 1 points
T-8. Alvin Kamara – 1 point
T-8. Jimmy Garoppolo – 1 point

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