2 Chainz & Versace Have Just Released The Hottest Sneaker of 2019

“Great things happen you meet strangers”

Yo Yo Ma

Although the 2 Chainz and Versace were certainly not strangers prior to their collaboration, they certainly are well more acquainted than they were before.

In the beginning of January, the hip-hop artist and the Italian fashion label announced they would be collaborating a chain reaction sneaker and a ready to wear capsule collection.

Just yesterday the shoe was released at a Versace pop-up boutique in Altanta’s Wish Gallery which is home to the rapper (at least the Atlanta part anyways).

Funny thing is however, the sneaker had already existed prior to the collaboration. But 2 Chainz had such an affinity for the shoe that he pretty much co-opted it and thus was born a partnership. 

On their website the brand said had this to say about their new found alliance;

“The sneakers and capsule collection juxtapose the Versace heritage with 2 Chainz ethos”.

And they aren’t lying. The shoe has 2 Chainz all over it, literally. One of the key features of the shoe is chain link sole.

But the sneakers are the tip of the iceberg; they’re only the headliner. The two moguls also created a ready-to-wear menswear athleisure capsule collection that is only buttons short of a retro baseball uniform.

The collection includes various pieces such as a baseball cap, hoodie, sweats, shorts and t-shirts. It definitely has all vibes of a stylish celebrity pitching quality gear. 

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Post Author: Isaac Breese

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