Recap: The Demo Tape Hosts First ‘4th Quarter Live’ Show

By Njera Perkins and Dominique Carter

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Baltimore has a lot of hidden talent music wise, but a lot of upcoming artists don’t have many opportunities to showcase their talents to large audiences, however, this powerhouse of creatives plans to change that entirely. Last night, The Demo Tape hosted their first ever “4th Quarter Live” Show and brought out a bunch of local Baltimore artists to show Philly everything our city has to offer.

What started off as a playlist and compilation of underrated songs from Baltimore artists that dropped consistently from the influential blog has transformed into a series of of live shows right on Temple University’s campus. With a stacked lineup made up of Jay Verze, Chris Cassius, Trapjxhn, Michael Taylor, Finagobaby, Shwaze Collins, Scotty Banx, and Goldie Mack plus Daveology and Tokyo Tendo holding it down on the 1’s and 2’s, the show was a complete success. From the high energy oozing from each rapper’s performances to the excitement of audience members as they cheered on their favorite artist, every rapper killed their set and made this show one for the books.

Dominique and myself had the pleasure of attending last night’s show and here were some of his thoughts on it.

“One of the biggest things I noticed about the performance was the energy that the artists brought. Every artist really embodied that aggression and energy that Baltimore is known for, it really felt authentic in the music. From the rapping to the whole performance itself. It felt like what I’m used to from the city.”

I absolutely agreed with him because everything about that show screamed Baltimore. The rapping, the dancing onstage and in the crowd, and all the love and support in the room, all of it made me happy to see this kind of progress from my city. I enjoyed everybody that performed, but I had a few personal favorites who stood out to me.

The Demo Tape is really onto something with their new live show series, giving these local rappers a platform to showcase their skills and expand their audience. Each artist on the lineup had their respective sets to leave a lasting impression on the crowd and they all impressed me in their own right.

All in all the show was amazing and I for one am eager for the next show. Be sure to check out these artists’ upcoming and recent work below and stay tuned for the next “4th Quarter Live” show October 6th, flyer coming soon.

Jay Verze

Jay Verze is working on releasing his next project “Life Through My Dark Shades 2” coming this fall. Check out his latest single “Killed Da Class” featuring Shwaze Collins.

Chris Cassius

Chris Cassius absolutely killed his set last night, especially with his song “Hit My Chirp,” he gained a fan from that performance. He and his team passed out cards with a QR code that allows you to listen to his upcoming project “Chest Vest Music” early, but if you didn’t grab one it’s dropping this Tuesday, September 5 on all major streaming sites.


Trapjxhn recently released a new project called “Dinnertime” not too long ago. You can check that out and more music from the rapper on his SoundCloud below.

Michael Taylor

He’s been known to be behind the scenes producing, but he recently made his debut as a rapper in his “P90x” video a few months ago. His singles “P90x” and “Dirty” are both available to stream on iTunes and Apple Music, but you can listen to them below.


Finagobaby ripped his set last night with his new single “That’s Butter” off his upcoming project “Butter” that everyone can expect to arrive soon. Until then stream the song below and check out his album trailer above.

Shwaze Collins

Might I say, out of everyone who performed last night, Shwaze Collins’ energy was crazy, you can tell he’s passionate about his music and he didn’t care whether you were rocking with him or not. He got up there and rocked the entire set. He recently dropped a project called “Silver Surfer,” which is available on all streaming sites, but you can check it out below.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer, an album by Shwaze Collins on Spotify

Scotty Banx

Beam House Records founder and producer, Scotty Banx is one of many that graced the staged last night who blew me away. His passion for rapping and producing was apparent last night and his set sure impressed me. If you want to get a feel of who he is, you can check out the EP he dropped a couple of months ago called “500 Horses.”

Goldie Mack

Goldie Mack was the first to grace the stage last night and set the tone for the night. He surely has some bangers on his hands, so check out his SoundCloud below.

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