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I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen those very rigid and structured shoes with a brick for a heel in your mother/aunt/older sister’s wardrobe when you were younger and you always wondered how they would ever be able to pull off such a weird look. Well guess what?! Those ‘weird’ shoes are back and pretty much here to stay. Let’s see why mules have become a statement piece in wardrobes all over the globe.

  • They’re comfortable

Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Finding pieces you love not only because they’re cute but because they’re so comfortable to wear you could sport them for hours. Mules do just that. Because they have such a chunky heel (and a usually very short heel for that matter), they’re extremely easy to walk in, and they’re just as easy to throw on and off.

  • They’re classy

But if it was all about comfort, Croc’s would be in style. And I’m not sure we want that to happen. Mules allow for comfort, yet they also provide a very chic look to any outfit: sweatpants with mules (yes you heard that right), jeans with mules, shorts with mules, dresses with mules, skirts, etc. Anything you pair with mules will instantly look more flattering and more put together.

  • They’re versatile

Like I said, everything looks good with mules. That means you can wear whatever you like and throw on some of those chunky shoes to go with it. They’re also great for the summer time but can also be worn as a transition shoe between summer and fall, simply because they hold the foot in place and shield it from any breeze. What else would you ask for?

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