No One Cares? The WNBA Still Struggles to Become a Popular League

By Jazmine Clarke

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It’s the beginning of the WNBA season and players are competing to win the WNBA championship. However,  it’s all fun and games until the games do not have many people in attendance and aren’t being televised. The WNBA is broadcast mostly on WNBA League Pass, which is not mainstream television but a channel that would need to be paid for to watch the games, so the coverage of games is minuscule. Sometimes the games will be featured on ESPN2, if it’s a competitive game, like LA Sparks vs. NY Liberty. Yet, people still do not watch WNBA games.

The WNBA season is during the summer, which would help bring people to watch the games. Not many sport organizations play during the summer, except the MLB. The WNBA was founded in 1996, at least 20 years in existence. The games, at first, were very popular and easier, especially since most women before that time would have to play overseas if they wanted to continue playing basketball as a career. Nowadays, WNBA is almost at a maturity stage, not growing but almost near their decline. They have lost many team organizations in many cities and only have 12 teams as opposed to the NBA’s 30.

I love to watch women’s basketball because, in my opinion, they play harder, call less fouls and flopping, and its more energetic. It is actual basketball play that many basketball fans enjoy watching, almost like street basketball. I understand that some people think that the WNBA is boring and would rather watch the NBA because there have big named players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. However, the WNBA has many known players like Candace Parker, Diana Taurasi, and Elena Delle Donne.

Many people also think WNBA players don’t dunk because they are women. However, many WNBA players do dunk, including Brittney Griner, Candace Parker, Michelle Snow, and Sylvia Fowles. There’s no excuse that women sports are not as popular as men. Personally, I think if the NBA would partner with the WNBA more and encourage fans to attend games and support, the WNBA could be as successful as the NBA.  Nevertheless, the season has started and its time that the women shine in the spotlight.

One thought on “No One Cares? The WNBA Still Struggles to Become a Popular League

  1. I agree with your assessment of the WNBA. It’s disappointing to see the level of support generated at the NBA for teams that are marginal. But it’s all about the mighty dollar, TV rights, and merchandising etc…

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