Young Raw Delivers on Highly Anticipating Tape, Cocky and Confident 2: Back from the Dead

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Young Raw and Producer Sleazzy1Dr

Young Raw has exceeded expectations with the second project from the “Cocky and Confident” series.

When we sat down a few weeks ago, Young Raw and I discussed “Cocky and Confident 2” briefly and what his goal for the tape was. Not entirely finished with the track list back then, determining what would be on the tape was probably the hardest part for the rising artist.

The North Carolina native is determined to bring the hip-hop crown back to North Carolina and is doing so with his recent mixtape, “Cocky and Confident 2: Back from the Dead”. The anticipation of the release of “Cocky and Confident 2” is over and the tape is finally here.

“Cocky and Confident 2” features Lite Fortunato (Drugs), Kash (Run a Bag) and Smoove (4), but Young Raw carries the majority of the project by himself. Raw kept the track list hidden until the tape officially dropped, only releasing hit songs “Be All I Can Be” and “Mirror Mirror.” When I first heard “Mirror Mirror” on his in-studio vlog, I noticed the change in Raw as an artist.

When we spoke before, Raw continuously said, “I’m on some different sh*t this time,” and I believed him when I watched the clip. There were so many different components on the mixtape, but let’s first talk about the production of it. Producers Sleazy1Dr, Dee Money and Shi Loaded helped compose the masterpiece, but rising producer Sleazy1Dr definitely showed his talents on #CC2. It’s hard to find your Metro Boomin or Zaytoven and Raw found his in Sleazy. Producing 12 of the 17 tracks showcased his ear for what works and Raw’s lyrics paired well with the beats. The beats chosen for the songs immolated the North Carolina sound well, showing what works in the south best. The sound isn’t necessarily the typical Atlanta-trap sound most southern rappers to tend to use, but shows that North Carolina artists are more than conscious rappers.

Favorite Songs from #CC2:

PC Anthem (Produced by. Sleazy1Dr)
Even though the beat is fire, Raw is rapping a vivid vision of his start and becoming the artist he is today. He starts it off rapping, “Every single day I wake, momma pray I be ok” and continues rapping about the concerns of his surroundings, coming up and his only focus right now, which is getting to the top.
I not only love the story behind “PC Anthem”, but I feel like this is a perfect song for the Power Circle team.

“Trap boomin, I got two phones / Call me Kevin Gates” was definitely a standout bar for me. It was clever to use this analogy, because of how popular “2 Phones” was.

Jugg (Produced by Sleazy1Dr)
Jugg is definitely a song that the ladies will enjoy. Not only is the beat something you can twerk to, but it just sounds like a song I can hear in the strip club. This will be the song for the summer.

4 featuring Smoove (Produced by Sleazy1Dr)
This song gave me an early Wiz Khalifa vibe, like around Kush and Orange Juice time. Raw opened the song with a few words, explaining who he is and then the hook comes on. Raw harmonized a lot on the tape and does it well on “4.” Again, Raw continues to tell a story in raps, with a fire beat along with it, making the song even better.

Two other favorites would be “Boy Meets World” and “Move,” and the beats were both popping. I really love this tape and the references Raw uses. For example, in “Boy Meets World” Raw used a sample from Shy Glizzy’s “White Girl”, which happened to be my favorite song. It’s unusual for artists to do more than 12 tracks especially on a mixtape, but artists are really doing what they want and I love it. I give the tape a 10/10 rating.

Check out Young Raw’s “Cocky and Confident 2: Back from the Dead” below and let us know what you think!

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