Luke Combs Makes Grand Entrance in Country Industry, Releasing Album June 2

By Dymond Alexis

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Luke Combs hit the charts like a hurricane and is steadily stamping his way into the country music industry.

Combs, being from North Carolina, is a special piece for the south and is reviving a genre that’s somewhat forgotten. During his freshman year in college, Combs’s roommate handed him an Eric Church album which inspired Combs to give country music another try. Cobs credits Eric Church and his writing style as a major influence on his debut album, This One’s For You.

Combs writes all of his own music and moves people with his music, which is rare in today’s country scene. His music is gritty, raw and has a mixture of traditional country and rock elements. His passionate lyrics is a special sauce for Combs and makes him stand out as an artist.

After listening to hit song “Hurricane” and seeing how the song made viewers feel, his This One’s For You will be an album talked about for years.

This One’s For You debuts June 2nd and will have twelve tracks, Combs writing them all.

Luke Combs, This One’s for You Track Listing:
1. “Out There”
2. “Memories Are Made Of”
3. “Lonely One”
4. “Beer Can”
5. “Hurricane”
6. “One Number Away”
7. “Don’t Tempt Me”
8. “When It Rains It Pours”
9. “This One’s for You”
10. “Be Careful What You Wish For”
11. “I Got Away With You”
12. “Honky Tonk Highway”
Digital Bonus Track: “Used to You”

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