#TBT N.O.R.E. Hits With “Nothin”

By Paiea Kalili

Twitter: @theFLYinHAWiian
Instagram: @theflyinhawiian

I know you know him as the “Drink Champs” podcast host but, Nore also used to rap in his spare time.

In 2002, Nore dropped a banger from his 3rd album “Nothin.” Nore was always consistent with the singles and could be counted on for a club hit every album. Being the single for the album “God’s Favorite”, Nas was on the album’s intro then a couple months later dissed him on his legendary Power 106 interview after skipping his Summer Jam performance.

Nore says he was always confused by that cause he said in an interview on Hot 97 “If you thought I was wack why would you get on my intro.” The beef has since ended and the two are back to being Queens brethren.

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