Are You Wearing Your Favorite Player’s Signature Shoe?

By Ellz Kicks

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Sneakerheads, are you watching the playoffs? Are you wearing your favorite players signature shoe?

Is it Lebron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers? Steph Curry with the Golden State Warriors? Paul George with the Pacers?

Viewers and fans watch these suspenseful games, while hoping their favorite player make it to the second round in the playoffs or better yet, advance to the finals.

It’s a bunch of new signatures on the market from the PG1s (Paul George 1), James Harden Vol.1 and even the under-dog Antas with the Klay Thompson 2.

Let’s not forget the neck breakers, such as the Kyrie 3s, Lebron 14s, Steph Curry 3s, KD 9s, Damian Lilard 3s and more. It’s many shoe choices but they can only be worn one at a time. We would like to see all these great players make it to the finals it can only be two.

  • Kyrie 3 – designed to help improve crossover on the basketball court, the Kyrie 3 is worn by Kyrie Irving number two of the Cleveland Cavaliers in his 6th season in the NBA.
  • Lebron 14 – is 1 of 3 shoes worn by Lebron James in the 2016-2017 season he also wore the Lebron Solider 10 and recently debuted the solider 11 in playoffs against pacers.
  • Steph Curry 3 – now wearing the 3 zero model curry played regular season in the standard curry 3 model
  • KD 9 – Kevin Durant’s first year with the golden state warriors he is the 2016-2017 NBA villain in his KD 9s. even though he performs as great as usual if not better he is still hated for leaving Westbrook and OKC. The KD9 is a great shoe with some optimistic details.
  • D Lillard – beautiful shoe and boost technology and an Adidas signature?!? Why hasn’t this been the new commodity? Lacking some history maybe? That might change if Portland can beat golden state.

These signature shoes are worn by some of the most prominent figures in the NBA, stay tuned to see which player will advance to the finals. The winning player’s shoe will become the highest shoe on the market.

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