13 UNC Football Players Suspended for Selling Nike Jordans

By Benaiah Brittany 

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The beginning of August means one thing for college football players. Fall camp.

The excitement is at an all time high as players prepare themselves for four weeks of nonstop gruesome hard-work. But not these 13 University of North Carolina football players.

The 13 athletes were suspended for at least one game for breaking a secondary NCAA violation of selling school-issued Nike Jordans, which happened to be special edition. One of the players included quarterback Chazz Surrat.

Surrat started seven games last season and his delay is anticipated to hurt the team this upcoming season. Nine of the players, which include Sarrat, defensive ends Tomon Fox, Malik Carney, and Tyrone Hopper, offensive linemen Brian Anderson, Jordan Tucker, and Quiron Johnson, linebacker Malik Robinson, and wide receiver Beau Corrales will miss four games.

Defensive backs Tre Shaw and Greg Ross will miss two games, and offensive lineman Jonah Melton and quarterback Jack Davidson will miss one. Because multiple of the players share the same position, the NCAA approved to vary which games the players will sit.



“I am certainly upset by our players’ actions and how their choices reflect on them, our program and the University,” UNC Coach Larry Fedora expressed in a statement. “These young men knew the rules and are being held responsible for the poor choices they have made. Accountability is an important core principle in this program. We will learn from this and aim to do better in the future.”

UNC kicks off their 2018 season Sept. 1 with an away game against Carolina.

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