Strangers Get Naked and Vulnerable in New Series “What’s Underneath”

By Keami Sullivan

Twitter: @Keami_Ariel

Instagram: @ke_of_me has created a web series entitled “What’s Underneath” and it has proven to be the most powerful, self-love, tear jerker I have ever watched.

The show starts with a new person each episode talking about their style and why they dress the way they do. Then the show dives deeper and they go into who they are and why they’ve developed into the person they are today: what they love about themselves, what they hate, and why they should love the skin their in.

As the person becomes more exposed, they also undress until they’re in nothing but bra and panties. These women sit in a chair and talk with no makeup or jewlery, just a bra, panites, and possibly tears. The most exposed and vulnerable way a person can be and they do it on the Internet for everyone to see. The point of the series is to teach self-love and acceptance. Elisa and Lily create a hub for self-empowerment and create a series that shows women a path to self-acceptance.

With all the diverse looks and stories, I’m sure anyone can appreciate “What’s Underneath”. Check it out either on or you can search it on YouTube.

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