Knicks Drama is Getting Out of Hand

By Aaron Randolph

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(left to right) Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks continue to have nothing but drama surround them. They have an ongoing feud with Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson. Jackson has been trying to get Anthony out of New York. It’s sad to see the mecca of basketball going through constant turmoil. The New York Knicks has bigger issues than Anthony. On Feb. 8, former Knicks great, Charles Oakley, was thrown out of the garden because he allegedly was causing a disturbance.

Oakley was forcibly removed from the Knicks game, because of his disrespectful rhetoric towards Knicks owner, James Dolan. Oakley said he didn’t say anything. The Knicks look horrible in this situation. They threw out a legend. Oakley played for the team for 10 years. He gave his blood, sweat and tears to the organization. He has a right to be there, especially since he has a ticket. Dolan and Oakley have been at odds for quite some time. Oakley along with other Knicks fans and former players have been critical of their play and rightfully so.

(left to right) James Dolan, Charles Oakley

They are 11 games under 500 and probably won’t make the playoffs. Oakley has been quoted saying that he believes that Dolan doesn’t want him anywhere near the New York Knicks. Oakley told Knicks executive, Phil Jackson, he is being thrown out because of Dolan. “This is bulls*** Dolan did this,” said Oakley. The Knicks made a classless statement in regard to the situation. “We hope he gets the help he needs.” If you ask me, this is just another issue the Knicks didn’t need. It’s truly sad as a true basketball fan to see what’s going on in New York.

They threw out a Knicks alumnus and won’t fire Jackson, who is probably the biggest cause for the Knicks issues. I hope things turn around for them soon, because if not, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, may have to step in. I was always in favor of the NBA stepping in to help any franchise that is not performing well. This situation with Oakley is the topping on the cake. He was kicked out of the building and also thrown to the ground. An SOS rescue from the commissioner might be exactly what the Knicks need right now.

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