How to Straighten Your Hair the Right Way


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As naturals, we often find ourselves craving for new styles to achieve on our hair. Although heat is not recommended, straightening your hair from time to time could satisfy your craving for change. Yet, it is still important to protect your strands against the negative impacts that heat can have.

Prepping for Heat

Before you apply any heat to your hair, deep conditioning is crucial. For more moisture and protection, use a strengthening deep conditioner for dry or damaged hair. This will allow your hair to obtain the boost of moisture it needs to go through the flat iron.

Let your hair dry after you deep condition it. It’s best to do so overnight for added moisture, but it all depends on what your hair likes. Then, add a leave-in conditioner followed by a sealing oil to lock the moisture in your hair. It is useless to add as much product as you would when wearing your hair out, because you would not want greasy straight hair. You want to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs, without creating product build-up and damaging your hair.

Divide your moisturized hair into sections and detangle thoroughly so that the flat iron can easily glide through your hair without breaking the strands. Twist the detangled and moisturized hair and pin it to the back of your head. That way, you’ll get a stretched-out, blown-out look before using heat.


Applying Heat

It is now time to apply a heat protectant! A single contact with heat could leave your hair in shock and it could have trouble reverting back to its curly state. So make sure you use a good quality heat protectant, even though they are sometimes pricey.

After applying the heat protectant, part the hair into small sections and glide your flat iron through the strands. Be careful when straightening; try to go through the hair strand only once so as to minimize damage. You could also use the chase method in order to make sure you get nice results even after a single heat application.

The chase method consists of “chasing” your hair with a comb before passing the flat iron through it. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube for a more detailed explanation on the chasing method, such as this one from NaturalNeiicy.

Even though you have curly hair, it is completely fine to crave straight hair from time to time. Just remember, you have beautiful curly hair and you should protect it against harm and any type of damage— whether it be heat or color. It is doing little things— like applying heat protection— that will help your hair strive.

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